A handsome man with a majestic sparrowhawk


Eugene Lemamph is a powerful telepath who has the ability to create illusions that are so convincing as to be indistinguishable from reality. This power only works in person; photos, video, and other forms of surveillance are not effected.
Eugene is a homely, obese teen with greasy hair and a bad complexion. He has chosen to take on the form of what he considers to be the ideal man and his power constantly conveys that image to everyone who meets him. Eugene has developed the ability to maintain this form with minimal conscious effort and the illusion only drops while he is unconscious or asleep.
Eugene’s pathological obsession with sparrowhawks has manifested as his constant companion; an illusion of a sparrowhawk that is so convincing that it can operate as if it were real and substantive. The sparrowhawk can pick up or break objects and cause damage to people. Whether this is actually the illusion itself or a separate manifestation of Eugene’s power is unclear.

Eugine.jpg Eugene’s true form



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