Noah Landry

A lanky young man with a savior complex


Loyalty: Best friend Aaron Blake
Passion: Defend the defenseless. Protect the vulnerable.
Code Name: Counter Strike


Noah grew up in a middle-class family in Minneapolis. He has two much older sisters who are more like aunts since his Mother and Father conceived him late in their lives.
A mostly ordinary boy who was solidly in the middle of the Bell Curve, both academically and physically, Noah tended to get into trouble for getting into fights with kids who were cruel to animals or bullied other kids. Whether he won or lost, Noah refused to back down; sometimes taking multiple beatings from much bigger kids. One of the kids Noah stuck up for; Aaron became his best friend and still is to this day.
In High School, Noah continued the trend of ordinary achievement in academics and sports along with multiple incidents of disciplinary actions due to his tendency to get into fights with bullies.
After Noah graduated High School, his parents; who were of retirement age, sold their home and moved several hours North of the Twin-Cities. They paid the deposit and first and last months rent for an apartment for Noah and told him that he would have to work for a living until he decided to go to college, at which point they would help him out financially.
Noah took a job as an over-night stock boy at a large-chain grocery store while he weighed life’s options.

Noah Landry

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