The Dapper Devil

Tall man wearing a tux and red leather devil mask


The Dapper Devil appears to be around 6’2" and has a slim build. He always appears out of the shadows wearing formal attire and his signature leather devil mask. Although he doesn’t seem inclined to physically accost the criminals he encounters, he has at times gone hands-on to slap, shove, or punch one or more of them when the mood suits him.


The Dapper Devil’s first documented appearance was when he stepped out of the shadows on a surveillance video of a subway platform and proceeded to interject himself into an attempted mugging of a young couple by a group of thugs. He appeared to speak to the group of men before pointing to the subway tracks at which point the men began scrabbling towards the tracks, fighting and shoving each other in an effort to reach the tracks first. After tumbling down onto the tracks they continued to fight even as one of them touched the live rail and was electrocuted. The oncoming train never slowed until after it plowed into the remaining thugs. In an interview later, the driver swore that he never saw the men on the tracks even though he was looking ahead the whole time. The tall man in the devil mask clasped the shoulders of the stunned young couple in a stiff-armed embrace and proceeded to stroll down the platform and disappear into the shadows. The young couple claimed later that they heard the tall man say something about a suitcase full of money before he pointed to the tracks. Though they claimed not to have seen a suitcase, the young couple agreed that the would-be muggers must have seen something on the tracks that they wanted very badly.

The Dapper Devil

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