Aaron Blake

Best friend of Noah Landry


A young man with a friendly disposition and keen wit.


Aaron was the target of a particularly cruel bully in grade school when his disability confined him to leg-braces and forearm crutches. Noah Landry intervened and took several beatings at the hands of the bully before he was able to get a lucky hit in on the brute; sending him to the hospital with a broken jaw. This effectively ended the bully’s reign of terror at the school. Aaron and Noah became best friends; a bond that continues to this day.

Aaron has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. The progress of the disease has been unpredictable with degradation ranging from stalled to moderate. Currently, He is wheel chair bound in a slow loss period.

Aaron’s family is as supportive as they can be. When Aaron was 17 they built an apartment out of the basement. Aaron was able to enjoy living like an adult while still having the assistance his family gave him. They have continually helped him with his education and held him to the A-honor roll as a standard to be met, especially after he was moved into the apartment. His family allows Aaron many freedoms, but holds him responsible for poor choices.

Aaron Blake

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